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Sullivan County Tennessee

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Animal Shelter

Contact Information:
Sullivan County Animal Shelter
380 Massengill Rd
Blountville, TN 37617
Phone: (423) 279-2741
Fax: (423) 279-

COVID-19 Policy

 The Animal Shelter of Sullivan County is closely monitoring the ongoing information with Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and the recommendations from the National Animal Care & Control Association.  Please note the following changes and cancellations.

  1. Adoptions are OPEN, we would love to see adoptions continue to occur as normal but recognize that adoptions have slowed greatly. We do ask that if you are simply looking or not prepared to adopt at this time to please reduce the risk to our essential staff by avoiding unnecessary human to human contact. If you are sick, please stay home.  We would love to keep our adoption floor open as long as we can and are permitted. In order to make this possible we must keep our staff healthy as well. Adopt if you can. Now is a great time to add a new family member as many people are finding themselves with some extra time on their hands. Two weeks is a perfect amount of time for a new pet to adjust to their new home.
  2. We are moving to essential intake only to ensure adequate space for animals brought in through animal control, emergency cases, and cruelty/ neglect cases with the adoption slow down. We are asking all strays be brought in via animal control. So, if you find a stray please attempt to locate the owner. If the owner cannot be located, please call the shelter and ask for animal control to be dispatched.  PLEASE DO NOT bring in stray dog directly to the shelter.  Please note that all local veterinarians can scan for a microchip.  If your pet is not microchipped please consider doing this to ensure your pet can be returned to you as swiftly as possible.
  3. Owner surrender of pets will be limited to documented emergency cases only! Please note that if you are surrendering due to a concerned about obtaining/ paying for pet food we have partnered with Appalachian Mission Pawsible to provide a pet food pantry. We can provide 2-4 weeks of pet food for those who are displaced from work or those who cannot afford pet food related to other extenuating costs. For more information please contact AMP via their Facebook page.
  4. Please note that all animal control calls will be answered in a triage fashion with priority given to bite, injury, and officer assistance calls. Low risk calls will be dispatched after all high risk calls.
  5. We will continue to issue community cat vouchers for those who are managing colonies to help keep the populations down. We will continue to accept non-feral pregnant or nursing mother cats, neonatal kittens, and kittens under 12 weeks with priority given to those who are sick, injured, or at risk.
  6. The March vaccine clinic is cancelled. We do ask that those with urgent needs (i.e. your rental requires vaccines to keep your animal) please contact the shelter to figure out options available. We will continue to monitor CDC and NACA recommendations, as well as supply availability, as we approach the scheduled April clinic.

While we do not anticipate these restrictions being long term we will continue to follow the guidelines advised by the National Animal Care and Control Association and the CDC for the safety of our staff and to ensure the safety of the animals in our care.

We are greatly in need of short-term fosters to reduce the number of animals at the shelter during this declared state of emergency.  If you are interested in becoming a short-term foster please message the page.


We are also in need of the following supplies:

  1. Purina Dog Chow in the green bag
  2. Purina complete cat and kitten chow
  3. Non-clumping cat litter
  4. Wet cat and kitten food
  5. Baby wipes
  6. Digital Kitchen scales for kitten fosters to monitor kitten weights
  7. Kongs and xylitol free peanut butter for dog enrichment


We appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation during this time.  It is our goal to serve the citizens and animals of Sullivan county in a safe and effective manner as we confront closures, human resource restrictions, supply shipment delays, and reduction in adopters for our amazing animals.

Thank you and we look forward to being able to operate at full capacity again soon.

Office Hours

12:30 P.M. to 5:30 P.M. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, except designated holidays.

Animal Shelter

Phone: (423) 279-2741
Fax: (423) 279-

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a clean and safe shelter for animals that have been abandoned or surrendered, ultimately placing adoptable animals in loving homes or with caring rescues while increasing community awareness of the humane treatment of animals through education, spay-neuter programs, vaccination clinics, and recruit volunteers to promote this mission.

Responsibilities of Animal Control and Shelter

Sullivan County Animal Care and Control is dedicated to providing three core principals of Education – providing education to the public on humane treatment of animals, animal welfare, population control, adoption and responsible pet ownership, Enforcement – enforcement of State and Local Animal Control regulations and ordinances, Control – dedication to rabies virus awareness, control and testing to eradicate exposure to the rabies virus in Sullivan County. We work strongly to continually build on our strong community partnerships, awareness, and relationships in Sullivan County.

Ready To Adopt?

Sullivan County Courthouse

3411 Hwy 126

Blountville, TN 37617


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