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Sullivan County Tennessee

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Sullivan County Medical Examiner/Coroner’s Office

Contact Information:
Sullivan County Medical Examiner/Coroner’s Office
 3411 Hwy. 126
Blountville, TN 37617
Phone: (423) 470-0325

William D. Hudson

Chief- Medical Examiner

Hunter M. Locke

Chief – Coroner/MDI

For an autopsy report:
Autopsy Request Form

How long does it take for the final autopsy report to be completed?
Autopsy reports are usually completed within 75 days from the date of autopsy; however, there are cases which can take 90 days or longer depending on the complexity of the case.

How do I obtain a Death Certificate?
A certified copy of the death certificate must be obtained from the Office of Vital Statistics or the funeral home handling the arrangements.

Sullivan County Coroner's Office Mission Statement

“Has the duty to conduct complete and objective medicolegal investigations of unattended, violent, unexpected, and suspicious deaths in order to determine the cause, manner, and circumstances of death. We work together with our law enforcement agencies within the county, also in collaboration with William L. Jenkins Forensic Center for forensic services. This duty is of utmost importance to the deceased individuals and their families, the safety of our community, and the pursuit of justice. This we do with courage, compassion, and great reverence for life”.

Sullivan County Courthouse

3411 Hwy 126

Blountville, TN 37617


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